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Fargo Rock City: Part II – The Scene Kid Edition

Pokemon Cards: “I Choose You, Screamo Frontman”
By: Paul G. Atkinson IV

We all played Pokemon.  Well all my friends did.  I mean, it was fifth grade; Yo-Yos had just been banned from school – even during recess! – apparently someone had used one as a weapon, but anyway I digress, basically: we needed a new fad, and it became Pokemon.

Everyone I new became addicted, completely consumed by the Pokemon culture: not just by the cards, but by the television show, the videogames, and some even by the cheap t-shirts and Ash Ketchum imitation hats.

Eventually the fad died.

Breaking News: every fad dies.  I was luckily enough to cash out early, selling my holographic Charizard for $80 a few weeks before we all found another fire to throw our allowance money into.  It might have been WWF action figures.

High school came next and fads became more fashion based and I stopped paying attention to most anything but girls that were out of my league and blink-182 records.

There was not a chance in hell of me getting any girls, so I spent time getting more records, expanding from blink-182 to other pop punk bands: New Found Glory, Sum 41 ect… eventually horrible shit like Good Charlotte and Simple Plan popped up and I moved to the “emo” explosion.  I became completely consumed watching television shows on FUSE, buying literal tons of band merch, sporting the tightest jeans ect…


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I just dropped 84 bucks on this and I have no regrets!

I just dropped 84 bucks on this and I have no regrets!

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Earlier today I posted some news about Rock Band 2…  Well I’ve stumbled upon some more Rock Band news, which is mostly about something none of you care about, but I need to just let the world know that I’m masturbating right now thinking about this!!!!!!

Ok, so another one of those stupid Madden games is coming out, this one is 2009, but the thing is, through some big ass corporate wheel & deal the whole soundtrack to the game will be posted in chunks weekly for download on the current rock band game…

Where this gets me off:

The soundtrack includes a new unreleased track from both SENSES FAIL’s and UNDEROATH’s new albums that don’t come out for months!!!


Loud noises!!!

These are two out of five major bands that changed my life during high school: Taking Back Sunday, Brand New, and Thursday were the others… not only do I get to pretend I’m these dudes on Rock Band, I get to hear new music!!!

Alright, near orgasm, need to sign out, and finish up…

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