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Courtesy of WIRED:

Sculptor Michael Rea has a knack for building. But unlike most architects, he draws on an encyclopedic knowledge of geek culture and an eccentric sense of humor for his unique sculptures.

Rea’s movie-influenced menagerie includes electronic consoles, time machines and holy artifacts — all fashioned from wood. He even built an eight-foot-tall prosthetic suit, equipped with swords, for physicist Stephen Hawking after seeing Quentin Tarantino’skung fu-inspired Kill Bill.

A Google search for “woodpunk” unWebbed these Japanese wooden robots that remind me of a simpler time.


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Ryan’s recent anti-Steampunk post revived my interest in SP culture, so I thought I’d share this satirical imagined monologue by Marco Kaye:

No, I won’t take off my topcoat. And that’s exactly my point. I understand your confusion. The nascent trend I have latched onto is difficult to define. Maybe I can explain it to you with the new mods I’ve been working on. No, Mom. Not like in Quadrophenia, although I appreciate those mods’ fondness for tailor-made clothing. These mods.

This looks like a late-18th-century organette, correct? Look again. It hides the Dell laptop you got me when I went to college. This bronze hand crank turns it on, and I’ve hidden a miniature photo printer where the tune sheet is supposed to go. I even installed Linux. I’ve put a lot of time into this since I quit my job at Anthropologie, which is something else I wanted to tell you about. Don’t get up and go to Lowe’s yet. But when you’re there can you get me a two-speed fan capacitor?

You’ll appreciate this, Dad. Would I ever lose this cell phone? It’s got a back plate of soldered brass. I created the aged patina with simple ammonia and salt. I’ll replenish that soon, if you’ll quit bugging me about it….

If you want to label me retrofuturistic so I can fit into your compartmentalized worldview, that’s fine. But look past my airplane goggles. This is my lifestyle….

Don’t shackle me to your outmoded ways of work. Trade and barter are more valuable to me than any coin. Besides, I’m plenty busy guest-hosting a blog called The Neon Corset. My band, Shades of Crimson, has taken off. We just booked a gig at the Rusty Rudder.

Don’t look so crestfallen, Mom and Dad. At least I’m not into cyberpunk.

Kaye’s satire requires as least an introductory knowledge of Steampunk, which means that laughing at this essay equates in some ways to laughing at one’s self. Steampunk is so fucking cool.

BTW: While researching an article on emo for Reason, I came across two ’90s emo acts with which I am now very much in love. I know I’m late to the party on these two, but here are my current fave’s: Sunny Day Real Estate and My Bloody Valentine:

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