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Happy birthday...from the grave

Happy birthday...from the grave

VH1’s blog Scandalist posted a tacky/darkly funny photoshopped pic of Jon Benet Ramsey wearing a birthday hat, to commemorate what would today be her 18th b-day. (She would also be, as one of my meatspace colleagues pointed out to me, a hottie.)

Gawker, among other places, threw a goddamn hissy fit. Which is ironic, considering Gawker is a nexus for shit-talk, rumors, and week-ruining pseudo-journalism. From Wikipedia:

On March 14, 2006, Gawker.com launched Gawker Stalker Maps, a mashup of the site’s Gawker Stalker feature and Google Maps.[5] Gawker Stalker, originally a weekly roundup of celebrity sightings in New York City submitted by Gawker readers, first posted on April 21, 2003, is now frequently updated, and the sightings are displayed on a map.

The feature has drawn criticism from celebrities and publicists for encouraging stalking, and George Clooney rep Stan Rosenfeld called Gawker Stalker “a dangerous thing.” Jessica Coen has said that the map is harmless, that Gawker readers are “for the most part, a very educated, well-meaning bunch,” and that “if there is someone really intending to do a celebrity harm, there are much better ways to go about doing that than looking at the Gawker Stalker.”[3][6]

Read Emily Gould’s “Exposed” for more insight on just how shitty a place Gawker is. And thank you, Scandalist, for giving me something to laugh at and feel bad about at the same time.


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I finally figured out how to convert, post, and resize some of my images so look forward to this magic!

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So for those not engulfed in the aimless enigma that is the Fuck Squad I’m Paul Gregory Atkinson IV, generally xGANGSTAx on online forums, but I’ve also been known as Tight Pants, Emo Paul, Screamotional, The Professional Blowjob or ProBlow for short.

I write, but not very well, so I’m thinking the majority of my posts here will be surrealist pictures or social commentary posters created in the latest version of Photoshop and filled with Powerpoint ClipArt being heavily abused.  My job, well, the people at FPL gave me a lot of expensive software to do web design, but my future posts will detail how I actually spend my time.


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