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Part IV – Your Job:
My parents talk about things like company loyalty and job security.  In reality all that talk is simply bullshit, simply a handful of excuses to con honest hardworking Americans into getting stuck in the same dead end job track from the now until the end of eternity or until the point where the company finds these people useless, boring, a burden, an expense, ect…

Too many people never do what they love for a living.  In fact, too many people don’t even do what they marginally like for a living, they don’t even do what they dislike for a living, they end up doing something they hate and completely despise for a living.


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Part III – Relationships:
This is where my useful advice starts to dwindle.  Still, I’ve been fucked over enough times to figure out some of the basics of this stupid game.

Never think that there is no escape.  No matter what!

If you are not married you can simply walk away.  Do not fucking complicate this.  Do not make stupid excuses.  This is a fact.  Sever your ties as soon as you get a sensation of any of these feelings: boredom, anger, restlessness, sadness, detachment, disappointment… just to name a few. (more…)

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