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-Keith Hempstead of Raleigh, NC, sues his local paper over staff cuts that made his subscription worth less than what he paid.

-Underage college douche gets DUI, almost kills a person, then shows up at a party in a jailbird costume. Pictures from said party end up on Facebook, the state attorney’s office finds the pics, the judge throws the book at the kid. Who didn’t see that one coming?

-After watching three movies about super heroes, Vanity Fair concludes that the parallels between reality and fantasy are too overwhelming to put anywhere but the homepage (see Arnold & Hellboy, R. Downey, Jr. and C. Bale).

-People who do it for a living divided on the best way to cut open a woman and extract a screaming, wriggling fetus.

-N. Koreans abduct baby from the White House.

-An interviewer learns that Tracy Morgan is something of an idiot savant; Michael Ian Black is nobody’s last resort, and Maggie Gyllenhaal (because The Secretary wasn’t evidence enough) is interested in sexuality.  

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This misleading title has nothing to do with a stupid mash-up remix of these two bands, nor does it have to do with a battle of the bands between the two, nope, it also does not have anything to do with an actual physical fight between the two parties…

…But, both bands will be on the Rock Band 2 tracklist, among many amazing others, as seen below:


Someday I will have free time.

Someday I will post something interesting.

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