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Where were you when you learned Playgirl had boxed up the back issue with Burt Reynolds on the cover, turned off the coffee maker, and locked the door? I was crying in an office in Washington, D.C.

It’s not just a magazine with an ambiguous audience. (Does a picture of a dude stroking his fully erect wang appeal more to women or gay men?) It’s a feminist institution.


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Reason.tv did an interview with Mark Bauerlein, professor of English at Emory U. and author of the Dumbest Generation. His thesis in a nutshell? Facebook makes us dumb shits:

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Christopher Hitchens writes at Slate about cave salamanders and their implications for evolutionary biologists and creationists alike. I’m guessing his thesis will rub God is Greaters a little raw: Creationists claim evolutionary progressions as an intelligent victory, but what about the case of the blind salamander, that devolved until it had no eyes?

An explanation of the title here.

UPDATE: So, in case you haven’t followed the above link to the Westboro Baptist Church’s website, go here instead. The church was recently sued for $10.9 million and lost. In the linked video, the church members tell why it’s a good thing. My favorite quote? “We thank God for the $10.9 million verdict because, adjusted for inflation, it is roughly the same as the 30 pieces of silver Jesus was sold for.”

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Part V – A Brief And Half-Assed Ending To It All:
“Losing all hope is freedom”
“The things you own start to own you.”
Go watch Fight Club, just don’t take it – or all the shit I said – too seriously or you’ll end up in some underground network of chaos and might find yourself nearly castrated, you might find yourself about to blow up a shitload of big ass skyscrapers, you might have to shoot off your own jaw (sorry if I ruined the ending)… and if I find you simply starting a “Fight Club” and beating the shit out of your friends in your basement or backyard, then, not only did you miss the point of everything I said, I’m gonna come and personally beat your stupid ass!!! (more…)

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Part IV – Your Job:
My parents talk about things like company loyalty and job security.  In reality all that talk is simply bullshit, simply a handful of excuses to con honest hardworking Americans into getting stuck in the same dead end job track from the now until the end of eternity or until the point where the company finds these people useless, boring, a burden, an expense, ect…

Too many people never do what they love for a living.  In fact, too many people don’t even do what they marginally like for a living, they don’t even do what they dislike for a living, they end up doing something they hate and completely despise for a living.

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Part III – Relationships:
This is where my useful advice starts to dwindle.  Still, I’ve been fucked over enough times to figure out some of the basics of this stupid game.

Never think that there is no escape.  No matter what!

If you are not married you can simply walk away.  Do not fucking complicate this.  Do not make stupid excuses.  This is a fact.  Sever your ties as soon as you get a sensation of any of these feelings: boredom, anger, restlessness, sadness, detachment, disappointment… just to name a few. (more…)

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Intermission – Tips & Tricks:
The following is a small handful of useful tips and tricks that can be used to help you let go of most anything you don’t need.
1.) If you hate it, give it up.  Money is not an exception to hang on.
2.) If it smells bad, clean it.  If that doesn’t work let it go.
3.) If all you hear is yelling, but you’re not simply listening to some hardcore, metal, or screamo music, chances are you should: 1. say, “Fuck You!” 2. Leave the situation and/or person.
4.) Some videogames need not be kept, i.e. Pryzm: The Journey Of The Black Unicorn.
Some videogames must never be let go, i.e. any Super Mario Bros. game.
5.) If your pet dies: bury it, cremate it, eat it, but do not fucking get it stuffed, you know, by some taxidermy guy… that shit is just creepy! (more…)

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