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Ryan’s post below illustrates, more perfectly than all the prose and rhetoric this world has to offer, just how successful Naomi Klein has been at selling some of the poorest political and economic research academia has to offer.

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The newest incarnation of Students for a Democratic Society (socialists) attacked the Cato Institute (capitalists) on Monday. The SDS not only justified its attack on a group of non-violent thinkers, but then complained when the cops stepped in to protect the wonks inside. What gives, SDS? Cato opposes the war in Iraq (and did so before it started), the human rights violations at Gitmo, the drug war, corporate welfare, and a number of other policies that violate civil liberties.

The SDS posted flyers on the doors of Cato, attacking the institute for its support of NAFTA. The brutish toads at SDS could use a history lesson: NAFTA had bipartisan support from the beginning, and has failed to raise the standard of living in Mexico only because Republicans and Democrats–against the advisement of the Cato Institute–conspired to erect import barriers while flooding Mexican markets with exports. If SDS is looking for a group to harass, it needs not look past its own party.

Here’s a video entitled “I-69 protesters pushed and shoved by cops at CATO Institute” that depicts cops acting with restraint while protesters spit and jeer:

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Reason.tv did an interview with Mark Bauerlein, professor of English at Emory U. and author of the Dumbest Generation. His thesis in a nutshell? Facebook makes us dumb shits:

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Christopher Hitchens writes at Slate about cave salamanders and their implications for evolutionary biologists and creationists alike. I’m guessing his thesis will rub God is Greaters a little raw: Creationists claim evolutionary progressions as an intelligent victory, but what about the case of the blind salamander, that devolved until it had no eyes?

An explanation of the title here.

UPDATE: So, in case you haven’t followed the above link to the Westboro Baptist Church’s website, go here instead. The church was recently sued for $10.9 million and lost. In the linked video, the church members tell why it’s a good thing. My favorite quote? “We thank God for the $10.9 million verdict because, adjusted for inflation, it is roughly the same as the 30 pieces of silver Jesus was sold for.”

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Howell Raines at portfolio.com wrote a scathing critique of Jim Romenesko, the media gossip columnist who single-handedly boosted poynter.org’s web traffic to near epic levels. My favorite quote so far:

In little more than a century, journalism has been conducted under a variety of short-lived labels. Yellow journalism begat objective journalism, which begat investigative journalism, which begat advocacy journalism. To some of us, the New Journalism looked like a destination, but that was before the passage through gossip journalism to our next stop: fact-free journalism.

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This quote from a hilarious Matt Labash article:

A few years back, he joined forces with the Commonwealth Coalition, a group trying to torpedo an anti-gay marriage amendment in his native Virginia. Mudcat, who loves the ladies almost as much as he loves killing big bucks, agreed to take the gig only if he could persuade the bubbas in language they could relate to. He thundered to the Roanoke Times: “I’m pretty sure I ain’t a queer. And I’ve never had queer thoughts, but I do have several queer buddies who called me and asked me to help. I think it’s blasphemy to put this on the ballot and try to divide God’s children for political gain. God loves them queers every bit that he loves the Republicans.”

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Ryan claimed to feel disillusioned after participating in Stetson’s Model Senate, but for all that bitterness, he seems to have picked up on the polemic strategies of the elected.

I’m watching coverage of the Heller case right now, (5-4 in favor of “gun nuts”), and don’t have time to respond to Ryan’s inanities just this second. Look for an empirical response from yours truly later this afternoon.

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